TaylorIT Services

I can help you at various stages of development, from the early inception phases of a new project to troubleshooting your live deployments.

Application architecture

With a thorough knowledge of XML, Java, and J2EE, along with a strong consulting background, I can architect and integrate advance Internet applications and solutions that are critical to achieving your business goals. Working with your business requirements and leveraging your legacy systems, I can design and deliver J2EE compliant architectural models along with high-level implementation plans.

Application development

I can work with you through the entire development life cycle, giving you advice, developing starter code and assisting you in application development. I can help your development team in building application frameworks and starter kits. From the user interface to the database, I can work effectively within all the layers of a J2EE application.


With an expert mentor at your side, you can avoid the natural mistakes and pitfalls that normally accompany the learning curve. Use my mentoring services to get the most out of your software investments, particularly in projects where the cost of failure is too great to risk. Sitting next to your developers and working with them I can help them not only learn new technologies, but also how to apply them using current best practises.